UCSF Postdoc Passport Career

A resource is only as valuable as the strategy behind it. Passport Career is a FREE service, which focuses on proven local strategies that help postdocs and their spouses explore job, education, professional development, and other opportunities in the U.S. and around the world. Shift from simply reading about what is possible to taking action to make it happen!

UCSF's Office for Postdoctoral Scholars has contracted with the creators of Passport Career to make this resource available for FREE to UCSF postdocs and their spouses or partners.

UCSF Postdoc Passport Career Provides:

  • Country-specific guidance, resources, and strategies
  • H-1B database that includes a city-by-city list of the largest H-1B employers by industry, plus unique strategies on how to use database results to take the next step to getting hired.
  • A global job/intern portal with over 3,000,000 opportunities in 203 countries as well as country-specific websites recommended by career experts.
  • Full access to a global social network with connection to LinkedIn profiles which allows you to quickly develop a country specific network in your career field.

Who is it for?

UCSF Postdoc Passport Career is for use by individuals in valid UCSF postdoctoral title codes and their spouses or partners.

How do I sign up and learn more?

To register, just complete this simple online form.  Then we will email you instructions for accessing Passport Career.

Frequently Asked Questions about Passport Career.


We are grateful to Garnett-Powers & Associates, Inc. for their generous sponsorship of this program.