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UCSF Graduate Division

Compensation and Pay Increases

The NIH/NRSA Scale

Salary and stipend levels per Article 4 of the UC-UAW Postdoc Union contract follow the current NIH/NRSA scale. Postdocs at UCSF must be hired at or above the level on the NIH scale that is appropriate for their experience. See the complete UC-UAW collective bargaining agreement and the Fiscal Year 2014 NIH/NRSA scale for postdocs.

Although there is no maximum salary for postdocs, departments are encouraged to take into account equity considerations in determining salary when possible.

Three Types of Postdocs, One Compensation Standard

  • Postdoctoral Scholar - Employee (3252): An appointment is made in this title when the agency funding the salary requires or permits the appointee to be an employee of the University, or when General Funds, Opportunity Funds or other University discretionary funds are used to support the position.
  • Postdoctoral Scholar - Fellow (3253): An appointment is made in this title when the Postdoctoral Scholar has been awarded a fellowship or traineeship for postdoctoral study by an extramural agency and the fellowship or traineeship is paid through the University.
  • Postdoctoral Scholar - Paid Direct (3254): An appointment is made in this title when the Postdoctoral Scholar is funded by an external agency and the agency pays the salary directly to the Postdoctoral Scholar, such that the funding does not flow through the University.
  • Mandatory Annual Increases

    Annual pay increases for all postdocs are mandatory. In accordance with the Union contract, all UC campuses are currently in a period of phasing in adoption of the NIH scale. (Posted October, 2012.) This means that postdocs hired after June 1, 2011 were hired at and must always be paid at least the NIH minimum for their level of experience. Postdocs who have been here longer still come under the phase-in rules, which allow for smaller increases. Postdocs making over scale, must still get at least a 2% increase each year. For complete information on the required increases and phase-in rules, please refer to the article on compensation in the Union contract.

    Supplements to Base Pay

    Some postdocs may receive a supplement in addition to salary. In accordance with the bargaining agreement, such supplements are not considered salary and may be granted temporarily or withdrawn at the discretion of the PI.

    See also tax issues.