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How to Submit a Proposal
The Office of Sponsored Research partners with researchers throughout the proposal cycle. Planning is the first step. As soon as you decide to prepare a research proposal including postdoctoral fellowships, contact your Research Services Coordinator (RSC) in Research Management Services (RMS). Your RSC will assist you with proposal preparation, including budget development and compliance checks.

To accurately review and approve proposals for timely submission, Postdocs should submit proposals to the RSC within the timelines noted in the RMS Service Level Agreement. The RSC will attempt to submit a proposal if the deadlines are not met, but there is no guarantee that the proposal will be submitted on time. Submitting after the posted deadline may impact the signing officer’s ability to thoroughly review the proposal, which may delay the award.

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RMS approval of postdoc funding applications is required. RMS should be notified of intent to submit at least 30 days in advance of the sponsor’s deadline.