Diversity Efforts and Programs

The UCSF Graduate Division and the Postdoc Office advocate and work for diversity—in all the varied senses of the word—and recognize that the inclusion of students and postdocs with a broad range of backgrounds and perspectives improves both the practice of science and the educational experience for everyone at UCSF.

The Graduate Division administers several diversity-oriented initiatives that impact students and scholars at different levels in the academic pipeline: undergraduate students, whom we hope to draw to graduate study at UCSF; graduate students; and postdoctoral scholars. The Graduate Division coordinates its diversity efforts with the graduate programs, as well as other departments and campus units such as the Science and Health Education Partnership, the Diversity and Outreach Office, and UCSF First-Generation to College Support Services. There are many ways to get involved with diversity efforts at UCSF as a postdoc!

UCSF IRACDA Postdoctoral Program
The University of California, San Francisco is one of 20 universities in the United States to offer financial and programmatic support for postdocs through the Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Award (IRACDA/NIH/NIGMS). UCSF welcomed its first cohort of IRACDA scholars in 2008. This program is aimed at scholars who are interested in a career that combines research and teaching, and who have a strong interest in fostering diversity in the STEM fields. Read more about the UCSF IRACDA program.

Campus Diversity Efforts
One of the strongest student/postdoc-led groups on campus is the UCSF chapter of the national organization SACNAS, whose members actively work to increase the participation of underrepresented minorities in science. The Postdoc Office encourages postdocs who are interested in diversity issues or who are seeking to build a greater sense of community for all at UCSF to reach out to this group or attend one of their events. Visit the UCSF SACNAS website for more information or follow these directions to sign up for their listserv.

Scientists 4 Diversity (S4D), established in 2015, aims to foster a supportive community for the professional development of traditionally underrepresented individuals in scientific research. S4D advocates for mentorship, provides outreach, and promotes discussion on topics that impact an increasingly diverse cohort of current and aspiring scientists.

To read more about diversity efforts at UCSF as a whole, visit: diversity.ucsf.edu. Also, be sure to see the website of the Multicultural Resource Center, founded at UCSF in 2012.