Grad Slam 2018

Byers Auditorium - Genentech Hall

The 2018 Grad Slam contest will culminate in an exciting live event at the UCSF Mission Bay campus in Genentech Hall Auditorium. Ten finalists will present their research in three minutes or less, in language accessible to a general audience. It's a celebration not only of the finalists and contest winner, but also of graduate research at UCSF and of scientific enquiry. There will also be a trivia contest with prizes and a full reception!

This year, the event will also be live-streamed to Parnassus (Med Sci, S-214) for those unable to attend at Mission Bay. The Parnassus audience will participate in the "people's choice" voting and will enjoy refreshments after the talks.

Watch for the third annual Postdoc Slam contest coming this fall!