Grant Writing Series: Session 3 - Writing a Clear and Compelling Specific Aims Section

Mahley Auditorium - Gladstone Institutes

Grant proposals are complex pieces of persuasive writing that require considerable skill to produce. The specific aims section is a particularly critical component. This workshop will briefly introduce the general structure of a scientific grant proposal. We will then focus on how to draft and refine your specific aims, by first analyzing sample specific aims and then revising your own. Finally, we will have a panel of senior scientists who share their experiences in crafting and re-crafting the specific aims page, and give tips for how to succeed through this process. Throughout the workshop, you will learn strategies for writing clearly and succinctly. Writing techniques learned in this session can be applied to grant/fellowship proposals from various funding agencies. If you are currently working on a specific aims section, please bring it with you.

Featured speaker: Pamela Derish, Scientific Publications Manager, UCSF Department of Surgery

Panelists: UCSF faculty members Tammy Chang, MD, PhD; Susan Fisher, PhD; and Todd Nystul, PhD

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