The Postdoc Academy: Succeeding as a Postdoc

October 19, 2020
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This flexible FREE 6-week course helps postdocs create a rewarding experience that will launch them into their chosen career path. Participants develop strategies and skills to successfully navigate their time as a postdoc. With nearly 3,000 participants in the prior course runnings, we invite you to connect with postdocs from across the world.

  • Explore identities and roles you hold and how they impact your work environment, identify strategies to transition into a new community, and align your expectations with those of your mentor.
  • Identify and apply strategies to use career planning tools effectively and build an actionable plan that can both guide and be integrated into day-to-day practice.
  • Build an awareness of your own professional and personal identities and explore strategies to create and support an inclusive research environment.
  • Develop, implement, and reflect on an action plan to support progress on personal or professional goals that effectively build and sustain resilience

The Postdoc Academy acknowledges that some postdocs are working remotely, and some may not. It is a challenging time but may be a convenient time to learn and delvelop one's skills.

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