Advice for Contacting Faculty

Your arrangements for interviews will be more successful if you begin reaching out to UCSF faculty today, as you consider applying to Path to Postdoc.
(Plus, maybe they will find your CV delightful and will interview you independently from Path to Postdoc!)

Concerned about how to reach out to faculty?

Here is a helpful article on how to email a potential PI.
You may also want to review our guide to finding a postdoctoral advisor.

Managing Expectations

What you want to get out of your Path to Postdoc experience is up to you. Most participants will schedule full-day interviews with both the faculty mentor and the lab members, and will be expected to present a 30-45 minute research talk to the prospective lab. We advise asking your potential faculty mentor about their expectations for the interview. We recommend making arrangements to interview with approximately 2-3 labs during the two weeks of Path to Postdoc programming.

An alternative approach would be to set up several shorter 1-2 hour meetings to "speed interview" with the intent of being invited for a more formal full-day interview at a later time. We will let you choose your strategy, but expect that you will meet at least two faculty during the 2-week course of the program.

Helpful Hints

As you know, faculty are busy! Take note of who each faculty's administrative assistants are and be sure to copy them on your outreach email. Also, if you haven't heard back from them, be persistent and follow up in a week to bring your email back to their attention.

Finding Labs

Applicants may choose any UCSF and/or Gladstone Institutes faculty (including those not mentioned below) to contact as you set up your interview schedule for Path to Postdoc. We understand that finding faculty to interview with at an institution the size of UCSF is daunting.

Not sure where to begin? Below, find a list of faculty that are interested in participating:

UCSF Faculty 

Faculty Name Research Area Website
Adam Abate, PhD Single cell genomics, bioengineering, microfluidics Abate Lab
Tamara Alliston, PhD Skeletal Mechanobiology Alliston Lab
Kamran Atabai, MD Matrix degradation, tissue fibrosis, lipid homeostasis, insulin resistance Atabai Lab
Sourav Bandyopadhyay, PhD Cancer systems biology and therapeutics Bandyopadhyay Lab
Scott C Baraban, PhD Neuroscience Baraban Lab
Anil Bhushan, PhD Immune surveillance, aging, senescence Bhushan Lab
Trever Bivona, MD, PhD Signal transduction, cancer biology and therapeutics Bivona Lab
Brian Black, PhD Cardiovascular development and regeneration ZFIN Website
Rohit Bose, MD, PhD Tumor evolution and heterogeneity, prostate cancer Bose Lab
Andrew Brack, PhD Muscle stem cell regeneration and aging. Brack Lab
Abigail Buchwalter, PhD Cell biology of the genome Buchwalter Lab
Jeff Bush, PhD Morphogenesis and basic mechanisms of structural anomalies Bush Lab
Tammy T. Chang, MD, PhD Liver Tissue Engineering Tammy Chang
Andy Chang, PhD Oxygen and metabolic sensing Chang Lab
Myriam Chaumeil, PhD MR Imaging; Neurological Disorders; Brain metabolism; Metabolic Imaging Chaumeil Lab
Winston Chiong, MD, PhD Neurology/cognitive neuroscience Decision Lab
Seemay Chou, PhD Microbiology, Biochemistry, Vector biology Chou Lab
Carlo Condello, PhD Neuroscience, Neurobiology of disease, Glial cell biology, optical imaging Carlo Condello
Markus Delling, PhD Primary cilia, cell signaling, physiology Lab Website
Tejal Desai, PhD Biomaterials, drug delivery, nanotechnology Desai Lab
Shawn Douglas, PhD DNA nanotechnology Douglas Lab
Dena Dubal, MD, PhD Aging, Neurodegenerative Disease, X-based sex differences Dubal Lab
Sophie Dumont, PhD Cell Biology & Biophysics Dumont Lab
Fanny Elahi, MD, PhD Vascular contributions to neurodegenerative disease and dementia Fanny Elahi
Michael Evans, PhD Chemical biology, molecular imaging Evans Lab
Stephen Fancy, PhD, DVVM Neuroscience. Oligodendrocyte biology and CNS myelination and remyelination Steve Fancy Lab
Brian Feldman, MD, PhD Stem cell biology and endocrinology The Feldman Laboratory
Felix Feng, MD Cancer biology and genomics Feng Laboratory
Adam R. Ferguson, PhD Neurobiology, Translational Medicine, Data Science Adam R Ferguson
Aaron Fields, PhD Biomechanics, regenerative medicine, machine learning, MRI Fields Lab
Stephen Floor, PhD RNA biology, cellular stress, post-transcriptional gene regulation, protein synthesis - in health and disease Floor Lab
James Fraser, PhD Structural Biology, Drug Discovery, Biophysics Fraser Lab
Ying-Hui Fu, PhD Sleep, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience Ying-Hui Fu
Danica Fujimori, PhD Chemistry, chemical biology, biochemistry Fujimori Lab
Maria Glymour, ScD, MS Epidemiology Maria Glymour
Hani Goodarzi, PhD Post-transcriptional regulation in cancer and neurodegeneration Goodarzi Lab
John Gordan, MD, PhD Signal transduction in cancer Gordan Lab
Erin Gordon, MD Molecular mechanisms of asthma genetic loci Erin Gordon
Douglas Gould, PhD Matrix Biology, Vascular Biology, Vascular Cognitive Impairment, Cell/Matrix Interactions Gould Lab
Ari Green, MD Translational Neuroscience; biological validation of biomarkers,;CNS repair and remyelination The Green Lab
John Greenland, MD, PhD Lung transplantation immunology and airway biology John Greenland
Lea Grinberg, MD, PhD Neurodegenerative Diseases Lea T. Grinberg Lab
Lisa Gunaydin, PhD Neuroscience (neural circuits underlying anxiety-related behaviors) Gunaydin Lab
Frederick Hecht, MD Integrative medicine, mindfulness-based interventions, acupuncture, yoga, nutrition, access to integrative health care Frederick Hecht
Jill Hollenbach, MD, PhD Immunogenetics The Hollenbach Lab
Edward Hsiao, MD, PhD Human skeletal development The Hsiao Lab
Guo Huang, PhD Molecular control of heart regeneration in development and evolution Huang Lab at UCSF
Bo Huang, PhD Advanced fluorescence microscopy, cell biology, bioengineering Huang Lab
Natalia Jura, PhD Structure-function studies of signal transducers Jura Lab
Aimee Kao, MD, PhD Neurobiology, neurodegeneration Kao Lab
Ophir Klein, MD, PhD Developmental and stem cell biology, Stem cells, Regenerative biology, Craniofacial development, Craniofacial syndromes, Intestinal stem cells Klein Lab
Sarah Knox, PhD Organogenesis, regeneration, aging, cancer Knox Lab
Suneil Koliwad, PhD Immuno-Metabolism and lipid, glucose, and energy homeostasis Koliwad Lab
Tanja Kortemme, PhD Computational Protein Design, Biophysics, Molecular and Cellular Engineering Kortemme Lab
Deanna Kroetz, PhD Pharmacogenomics, Peripheral Neuropathy Kroetz Lab
Matt Kutys, PhD Morphogenesis, mechanobiology, organs-on-chip, vascular/cancer biology Matthew Kutys
Noelle L'Etoile, PhD Neuroscience learning and memory and sleep L'Etoile Lab
Diana Laird, PhD Reproduction, stem cells, development, environment, aging Laird Lab
Aparna Lakkaraju, PhD Cell biology of neurodegenerative diseases (age-related macular degeneration, Alzheimer's disease-related dementias) Lakkaraju Lab
Wilson Liao, MD Human genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, precision medicine Liao Lab
Hiten Madhani, MD, PhD Epigenetics and host-pathogen interactions Madhani Lab
Pratik Mukherjee, MD, PhD Neuroscience, Neuroimaging Pratik Mukherjee
Maxence Nachury, PhD Cell biology and biochemistry of cilia The Nachury Lab
Elphège Nora, PhD Chromosome folding and long-range transcriptional regulation The Nora Lab
Yvonne Ou, MD Vision science, neuroscience, retina Ou Lab
Rushika Perera, PhD Cancer cell evolvolution, adaptation and migratration Perera Lab
Tien Peng, MD Stem cell/regeneration Peng Lab
Ashish Raj, PhD Computational neuroscience, neurology, neuroimaging, machine learning Raj Lab
Adam Renslo, PhD Chemical biology Renslo Lab
Oren Rosenberg, MD, PhD Microbial Pathogenesis, Structural biology Rosenberg Lab
Shuvo Roy, PhD Bioartificial organs Roy Lab
Rada Savic, PhD Drug Development Savic Lab
William Seeley, MD Neurodegenerative disease Seeley Lab
A. Hunter Shain, PhD Tumor evolution, Biology of skin cancer Shain Lab
Kevin Shannon, MD Cancer biology and therapeutics Shannon Lab
Yin Shen, PhD Functional genomics in human health and diseases The Shen Lab
Catherine Smith, MD Leukemia, therapeutic resistance, kinase signaling Catherine Smith
Raymond Swanson, MD Neuroscience Swanson Lab
Alejandro Sweet-Cordero, MD Cancer Biology Sweet-Cordero Lab
Asmin Tulpule, MD, PhD Pediatric cancer, DNA damage, cancer signaling Tulpule Lab
An "Joseph" Vu, PhD NexGen ultra-high-resolution 7T MRI More Info
Orion Weiner, PhD Cell shape and movement Weiner Lab
Lauren Weiss, PhD Genetics of ASD (analytical and/or hiPSC models) Weiss Lab
Arun Wiita, MD, PhD Blood cancers and proteomics The Arun Wiita Lab
Jeremy Willsey, PhD Genetics and systems biology Willsey Lab
Torsten Wittmann, PhD Neuronal cell biology Wittmann Lab


UCSF ImmunoX Faculty

Faculty Name Research Area Website
Mark Anderson, MD, PhD Immunology, immune tolerance Anderson Lab
Mark Ansel, PhD Molecular Immunology Ansel Lab
Mallar Bhattacharya, MD Macrophages in mouse models of disease Bhattacharya Lab
Jayanta (Jay) Debnath, MD Autophagy in cancer progression and metastasis; autophagy and exosomes Debnath Lab
Joanne Engel, MD, PhD Microbial Pathogenesis, Host-pathogen interactions, Pseudomonas, Chlamydia, Acinetobacter Joanne Engel
David Erle, MD Asthma, airway epithelial cell biology, genomics Erle Lab
Joel Ernst, MD Immunity to infectious diseases Joel Ernst
Justin Eyquem, PhD Immunology Justin Eyquem
John Fahy, MD, MSc Asthma and airway biology Fahy Lab
James (Jay) Gardner, MD, PhD Immunology James Gardner
Andrei Goga, MD, PhD Cancer Biology Goga Lab
Max Krummel, PhD Imaging of Tumor Microenvironments Krummel Lab
Averil Ma, MD innate immunity, autoimmune/inflammatory disease, cell signaling Averil Ma
Michael T McManus, PhD Molecular Biology and Genetics McManus Lab
Ari Molofsky, MD, PhD Tissue Immunology Ari Molofsky Lab
Melanie Ott, MD, PhD Infectious Diseases The Ott Lab
Nadia Roan, PhD HIV transmission and pathogenesis Roan Lab
Minnie Sarwal, MD, PhD Immunology, transplantation, bioinformatics, genomics, single-cell seq Sarwal Lab
Tiffany Scharschmidt, MD Immunology/Microbiology/Microbiome Scharschmidt Lab
Anthony Shum, MD Human and mouse studies of Mendelian autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases Shum Lab


Gladstone Institutes is pleased to announce the Embark Presidential Postdoctoral Program, a career development opportunity aimed to provide a select group of postdocs specialized access to career and professional support, mentoring, and community-building activities. Contact Sudha Krishnamurthy or Anne Sufka for more information about how to get connected!

Gladstone Institutes Faculty

Faculty Name Research Area Website
Katerina Akassoglou, PhD Neuroimmunology, Blood-brain barrier Akassoglou Lab
Benoit Bruneau, PhD Gene regulation in heart development Bruneau Lab
Bruce Conklin, MD CRISPR and stem cells Lab Website
Christof Fellmann, PhD CRISPR-Cas9, cancer, glioblastoma, functional genomics, neuro-oncology Fellmann Bio
Nevan Krogan, PhD Cell Mapping, Infectious Diseases, Tauopathies, Heart Disease, Psychiatric Disorders Krogan Lab
Anatol Kreitzer, PhD Neuroscience Kreitzer Lab
Todd McDevitt, PhD Stem cell engineering McDevitt Lab
Ken Nakamura, MD, PhD Mitochondria and metabolism in neurodegeneration Nakamura Lab
Jorge Palop, PhD Neuroscience Palop Lab
Jeanne Paz, PhD Neuroscience Paz Lab
Katie Pollard, PhD Bioinformatics Pollard Lab
Seth Shipman, PhD Molecular Engineering Shipman Lab


The Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education is recruiting for their postdoctoral fellowship program which connects fellows to a network of over 50 research faculty. Contact Anne Sufka for more information about how to get connected!

Faculty Name Research Area Website
Mehrdad Arjomandi, MD Exposure-related lung diseases, COPD Mehrdad Arjomandi
Carolyn Calfee, MD, MAS Molecular phenotyping of critical illness Carolyn Calfee
Pamela Ling, MD Tobacco control, Young Adults, Social Marketing, New Tobacco Products (including e-cigarettes), Program Director SOUL Lab