Congrats to Postdoc Slam Finalists!
Ten postdocs rocked the Slam on September 19, and three emerged as prize winners.
Celebrate Mentoring
Congrats to the 2023 recipients of the Dean's Award for Excellence in Mentoring for Postdocs and Grad Students!
Where are you on the postdoc timeline?
There are some things you should be doing at different stages of your training.

Postdocs Innovators, Practitioners,
Mentors, and Scholars

Here are some ways that the UCSF Office for Postdoctoral Scholars puts postdocs in the spotlight:

► Are you looking for a postdoc appointment at UCSF? See advice for finding a lab and mentor.
► Already started, but don't know where you're headed? Visit the postdoc timeline for advice on what you should be doing at various stages in your postdoc.

Are you a new Postdoc at UCSF?

Sign up for an orientation to UCSF for New Postdocs. Orientations occur monthly and cover topics including; human resources, research grants, careers, and an UAW presentation!

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