Celebrating Postdocs

Postdocs have been called “the invisible university.” They are not students, not faculty, and, while we call most of them “employees,” they are not like the other employees on our campuses. However, here at UC San Francisco — and at all other research-intensive universities — the pace of discovery would be drastically slowed without the efforts of postdoctoral scholars.

Often, faculty are called upon to give talks around the world or raise funds outside the lab, leaving postdocs to do much of the everyday, hands-on work of science. Postdocs are invaluable to our graduate students as second mentors. Being closer in age and experience to students, they are often our students’ most tangible and accessible source of inspiration and guidance.

Our “homegrown” postdocs come from institutions around the United States — many from our great UC sister campuses, but also from other prestigious universities around the country. These outstanding scholars bring vitality and fresh ideas to UCSF’s research enterprise. Over half of our postdocs are from other countries, bringing welcome cultural diversity to our campuses and affording our students and faculty opportunities to expand their network of scientific colleagues across the globe.

Whether you are a current postdoc or considering doing a postdoc at UCSF, or if you are a staff or faculty member who works with postdocs, we invite you to explore the information and resources on this website. Please tell us how we can continue to improve the site and the experience of postdoctoral scholars on our campus.