How Much Are UCSF Postdocs Paid?

At UCSF, postdocs must be hired – at minimum – at the salary level on the UC scale (see below) that is appropriate for their experience, in accordance with the agreement between the University of California and UAW, the union representing postdocs in the UC system.

While salary increments are based on the steps of the NIH/NSRA scale, the bottom of the UC postdoc salary scale (level 0) is the same as level 2 on the NIH scale. "Experience level" means a postdoc's previous experience as a postdoc, including postdoctoral appointments at UC and/or other institutions.

There are five types of postdocs, designated by the following "title codes" in the University personnel system and determined by how you are paid. The same standard for compensation applies to all types; however, it is important to know what kind of postdoc you are, as this may affect your retirement benefits and how you pay your taxes. Note that a postdoc may be appointed under more than one title code, since there may be more than one source of funding for an appointment.

 Postdoctoral Scholar - Employee (003252)

 Postdoctoral Scholar - Fellow (003253)

 Postdoctoral Scholar - Paid Direct (003254)

 Postdoctoral Scholar - Part-time (003255)

 Postdoctoral Scholar - Interim (003256)

Familiarize yourself with the bargaining agreement between the University of California and UAW.


Appointment Step and Experience Level Effective 5/1/2022 Effective 4/1/2023 Effective 10/1/2023 Effective 10/1/2024 Effective 10/1/2025 Effective 10/1/2026
Level 0 (0-11 mos.) $55,632 $60,000 $64,480 $66,737 $69,073 $71,491
Level 1 (12-23 mos.) $57,852 $62,220 $66,868 $69,209 $71,632 $74,140
Level 2 (24-35 mos.) $59,784 $64,522 $69,342 $71,769 $74,281 $76,881
Level 3 (36-47 mos.) $61,992 $66,909 $71,908 $74,425 $77,030 $79,727
Level 4 (48-59 mos.) $64,296 $69,385 $74,569 $77,179 $79,881 $82,677
Level 5 (60-71 mos.) $66,600 $71,952 $77,327 $80,034 $82,836 $85,736

Mandatory Annual Increases
Annual pay increases for all postdocs are mandatory. Postdocs who are already paid higher than scale, must still get at least a 3.5% increase beginning October 1, 2024, October 1, 2025 and October 1, 2026. For complete information on the required increases, please refer to the article on compensation in the union contract.

Supplements to Base Pay
Some postdocs may receive a supplement in addition to salary. Such supplements are not considered part of the postdoc's salary and may be granted temporarily or withdrawn at the discretion of the PI or the unit providing the funding. People Connect tickets should use the Earn Code: “SPD Stipend (PDS Postdoc).”

Although there is no maximum salary for postdocs, departments are encouraged to take into account equity considerations in determining salary when possible. Learn more about the supplemental pay policy.

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