What type of advising does the Office for Postdoctoral Scholars provide?

The Office for Postdoctoral Scholars (OPS) provides UCSF postdoctoral scholars one-on-one advisory appointments. Advising services are voluntary and must be initiated by the postdoc. During the advising session, we will discuss your goals, identify resources, and frame strategies for how to achieve those goals.

Common discussions in advising appointments include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying postdoc-related resources at UCSF;
  • Building community and belonging as a postdoc;
  • Balancing professional and personal needs during your postdoc;
  • Understanding postdoc-related policies and procedures;
  • Managing interpersonal conflict with supervisors and/or colleagues;
  • Navigating difficult conversations;
  • Transitioning out of your postdoc

Before scheduling your advising appointment with the Office for Postdoctoral Scholars, please review the OPS Confidentiality Policy.


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Are you interested in career-related advising?

Book an individual career counseling appointment with the Office of Career and Professional Development.

Are advising appointments with OPS confidential?

The OPS Confidentiality Policy is based on the guiding principles of the UCSF Office of Career and Professional Development’s confidentiality policy.

Information that we gather from you before and during the appointment is intended to be used to assist you in developing strategies that will guide your course of action. While OPS generally will not disclose your participation in an advising appointment without your consent, there are limitations to our confidentiality. Examples of when we may disclose confidential information may include, but are not limited to:

If you seek confidential services, you may consider using the free assistance provided by the UCSF Ombuds and Faculty Staff Assistance Program offices.

Office of the Ombuds

Confidential, neutral, informal and independent problem-solving resources for the UCSF community. Services include:

  • Individual consultations
  • Mediation
  • Group facilitation

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program

Confidential psychological counseling for UCSF postdocs (an employee benefit). Services include:

  • Individual counseling appointments
  • Organizational consultations
  • Wellness workshops