Types of Leave

Please note: University policy around all types of leave are governed by union contract, article 12. Language in the contract supercedes any content below, which is meant to be a useful summary only. Please refer to the contract for further details on all leave types. 

Personal Time-Off and University Holidays

Twenty-four days of personal time off (PTO) are granted on the first day of the postdoc appointment and must be used before the postdoc's next anniversary date (i.e. within the appointment year – not the calendar year) or they will be lost. No monetary compensation can be given for unused PTO. On the first day of the next appointment year, another 24 days of PTO are given.

In addition to personal time-off, postdocs may also take all official University holidays.

Sick Leave

Twelve days of sick leave are given on the first day of a postdoc's appointment. Unused sick leave carries over to subsequent postdoc appointments.

Maternity and Parental Leave

Postdoctoral scholars are eligible for childbearing leave, parental leave, and active service-modified duties, and for family and medical leave. Childbearing, parental, and family and medical leave policies for postdocs in title codes 3253 (postdoctoral fellows) and 3254 (postdoc paid-directs) are subject to the requirements of the postdoc’s extramural funding agency.

If you or your partner are pregnant or planning to have a baby during your postdoc, please consult the parental leave guidelines.

Jury Duty

Postdoctoral scholars are eligible for jury duty leave. Verification of service on jury duty must be provided by the postdoc to the University upon request. Pay for jury duty will not continue beyond the end date of the postdoc’s appointment.

Military Leave

The University provides military leave without pay for postdoctoral scholars who are called to active US military service.

Bereavement Leave

Postdocs may use up to five days of sick leave or personal time off due to the death of a family member. If sick leave or personal time off is not available, the Postdoctoral Scholar may take unpaid leave for bereavement.