Daily Health Screenings Required for Campus Beginning Monday, May 18

To help ensure your health and safety, all UCSF personnel who have been previously or newly authorized to return to campus must complete a daily health screening prior to entering a UCSF building starting on Monday, May 18, 2020.  

Health screening is already in place for all personnel entering UCSF medical centers, and the campus has adopted the same online health screening tool as UCSF Health.

The tool, UCSF Health Screen, can be accessed using your mobile phone or home computer. To complete your daily UCSF Health Screen, you can either:

  1. Text "Screen" to 83973 (easiest) or
  2. Access site via https://www.ucsfhealth.org/daily-health-screening and click “Take Screener” on your desktop or web-enabled phone

This tutorial video provides helpful tips: https://bit.ly/2LxxIep

The questions take less than two minutes to complete. You'll need to receive clearance prior to entering a UCSF building, ideally, 2-4 hours before you plan to arrive. There is no need to complete a health screening if you are working from home. 

If you do not have access to a mobile device or home computer, please complete the screening immediately upon arrival at your desk or department computer, ipad, or mobile device or visit a Health Screening Station (see below).   

If you are ill, please stay home! If you are not cleared by the health screening, follow your department sick time process and speak directly with a representative from Occupational Health Services (employees) or Student Health & Counseling Services (students). 

If you are cleared by the Health Screen, you'll receive a digital Entry Pass via text message or email, depending on which preference you select. 

If you are coming to campus regularly, consider requesting the tool to send you a reminder link now, daily, or on specific days. This way you will have the link ready when you need it. 

Although you do not have to show your digital Entry Pass as you enter your campus building, at any point in the day you may be asked to show your pass to your manager, UCSF Police or security, EH&S auditor, health and safety officers, or other auditors. Campus personnel do not need to affix a daily sticker to your ID.

However, if you are entering a UCSF Medical Center facility, you will need to show your Entry Pass and obtain a sticker from a UCSF Health-Health Screening Station as well as comply with UCSF Health's Universal Mask policy (see below).

Campus Health Screening Stations

Wellness & Community of Campus Life Services is pleased to be staffing Health Screening Stations located on Campus. If you need assistance, the following Campus Health Screening Stations are open weekdays, 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  

Parnassus Heights
Millberry Union
500 Parnassus Avenue
Enter east entrance (Walgreens side)

Mission Bay 
Space Next to Publico Urban Taqueria
550A-2 Gene Friend Way 

Mission Center Building
1855 Folsom Street 

Additional Health Screening Station locations, including those at UCSF Health, are posted on the following website: https://coronavirus.ucsf.edu/campus-protocols.

Cloth Face Coverings

Individuals coming to UCSF should bring and wear their personal face covering. If needed, a reusable and washable, cloth face covering is available (one per employee or student) at the Campus Health Screening Stations. 

If you are entering a clinical area or UCSF Medical Center facility, surgical masks are required and you will be asked to replace your cloth face covering. More information about cloth face coverings as well as UCSF Health’s Universal Mask policy are on the following website: https://coronavirus.ucsf.edu/campus-protocols. Additional important protocols, such as physical distancing and badge access can also be found on this website. 


If you have further questions about the health screening tool or Campus Health Screening Stations, please contact CLS Wellness & Community via email at [email protected].