Finishing Up!

  • Meet with your PI. As ever, use your IDP to guide this meeting.
  • Update your online presence (LinkedIn, etc.) to reflect your postdoc experience, including skills, publications, accomplishments, etc. If you have your next job lined up, add it.
  • Thank the people who’ve helped you through your postdoc experience. Let them know your next steps and contact info.

Before You Go

  • University Property: Return your keys, University ID card, and any other University property to your faculty supervisor.
  • Final Timesheet: Complete and submit your final timesheet as soon as possible.
  • Final Paycheck: If you are leaving the area, don't close your bank account until you receive your final pay from UCSF.
  • Forwarding Information: UCSF will send important documents to you after you separate; to ensure that these documents reach you, use "At Your Service" to update your address. 
  • Decide what to do with your retirement assets: If you are a postdoc employee (title code 3252), you have paid into the Defined Contribution Plan (DCP). Review the options for accessing the assets you have in the Plan
  • Health Insurance: Your medical, dental and vision insurance coverage will end on the last day of the month during which you separate from the University,  provided you have paid any required employee portion of these premiums. However, you and/or your eligible family members may be eligible to continue your University-sponsored medical, dental and vision coverage under COBRA. Garnett-Powers & Associates will mail to your home address the COBRA Continuation of Group Insurance Coverage brochure, election form, and rates and contacts for each plan. If you elect to continue these benefits, you must apply within 60 days of receiving the COBRA notice. You will be responsible for paying the premiums directly to the insurance carriers.
  • Visa: If you have questions about your visa or immigration status upon separating, please contact your advisor in the International Students and Scholars Office.

Stay in Touch!

  • As a postdoc alumnus, you are still an important part of the UCSF community! Stay connected through the Graduate Division Alumni Association
  • The Postdoc Office is always looking for alumni to be on panels, meet with current postdocs and graduate students, and share your wisdom. If you're interested in opportunities, please contact us.
  • If you haven’t done so already, make sure to join UCSF Connect to network with alums and others in the UCSF community.

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