Watch Postdoc Slam 2022

Postdoc Slam has come and gone, but you can still catch all the action on the video recording. Congratulations to the prize winners and finalists for a fantastic job!!



UCSF Postdoc Slam 2022
Wednesday, September 21, 2022
4 p.m. PDT

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About Postdoc Slam

Postdoc Slam, the annual research communications contest presented by the Office for Postdoctoral Scholars and the Graduate Division, returned on September 21 after a two-year pandemic-induced hiatus.

Ten postdoc finalists presented their research in three minutes or less, in language accessible to a general audience. Each year, this is a celebration not only of the finalists and contest winner, but also of postdoctoral research at UCSF and of scientific inquiry.

Postdoc Slam challenges postdocs in a range of disciplines to present a compelling presentation of their research in three minutes or less, using language that not only their peers but also non-specialists will understand. The intention of Postdoc Slam is not to dumb-down or trivialize research; rather, it is meant to incentivize postdocs to clarify their ideas and to help others appreciate and understand their work. 

Postdoc Slam was the centerpiece of UCSF's celebration of National Postdoc Appreciation Week, September 19 to 23.

Cash prizes of $4,000, $2,000, and $1,000 were awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners chosen by the judges. And the live and remote audiences chose the "People's Choice" winner, who received $750.

Congratulations to the Prize Winners!


Elise Marsan, PhD

First Prize
Elise Marsan, PhD
Eric Huang, MD, PhD, faculty mentor
Who Killed the Neurons?

Deepto Mozumdar, PhD

Second Prize
Deepto Mozumdar, PhD
Joe Bondy-Denomy, PhD and David Agard, PhD, faculty mentors
Slaying Deadly Bacteria With Giant Viruses

Sophie Huddart, PhD

Third Prize
Sophie Huddart, PhD
Adithya Cattamanchi, MD, faculty mentor
Cracking the Cough Code: Acoustic Epidemiology for Tuberculosis Diagnosis

Sangeeta Kandoi, PhD

People's Choice
Sangeetha Kandoi, PhD
Deepak A. Lamba, PhD, faculty mentor
Can't You See Well? This Squirrel Could Help You!


(in order of appearance)

David Moses, PhD

David Moses, PhD
Edward Chang, MD, faculty mentor
Restoring Lost Words: Building a Brain Implant to Help Patients Speak Again

Amanda McQuade, PhD

Amanda McQuade, PhD
Martin Kampmann, PhD, faculty mentor
Interfering With Interferon

Huong Kratochvil, PhD

Huong Kratochvil, PhD
William DeGrado, PhD, faculty mentor
Going With the Flow: Protons on the Move

Neha Pincha Shroff, PhD

Neha Pincha Shroff, PhD
Ophir Klein, MD, PhD, faculty mentor
The Mechanics of Growth - May the Pressure Be With You

Irene Ojeda Naharros, PhD

Irene Ojeda Naharros, PhD
Maxence Nachury, PhD, faculty mentor
One Hair to Rule Them All

Jianlong Li, PhD

Jianlong Li, PhD
Sarah Knox, PhD, faculty mentor
Nerve Against Gray Hair


Live Event Judges

The panel of five judges selected the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize winners.

  • Peter Chin-Hong, MD, associate dean and professor in the School of Medicine, and infectious disease expert
  • Sona Chowdhury, PhD, specialist in the Department of Medicine at UCSF, and top prize winner in the 2018 UCSF Postdoc Slam
  • Mina Kim, award-winning reporter and anchor, and host of the 10 a.m. statewide hour of KQED public radio's Forum program
  • Renee Navarro, MD, PharmD, vice chancellor of Diversity and Outreach, and professor of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care
  • Katherine Nielsen, MS, MA, director of UCSF's Science and Health Education Partnership (SEP), and co-founder of the Bay Area Science Festival

Learn more about the judges.