Gabriela C. Monsalve, PhD

Assistant Dean for Postdoctoral Scholars (2019-2022)

Dr. Gabriela Monsalve

Gabriela C. Monsalve, PhD, was appointed as assistant dean for postdoctoral scholars in July 2019. She also holds an adjunct appointment as assistant professor in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences. She oversees the development and execution of strategic initiatives, programming, and policies aimed at improving the postdoctoral experience at UCSF. She also liaises with various regional, national, and international organizations on behalf of UCSF postdocs.

Previously, Dr. Monsalve led the Office of Career and Professional Development’s efforts in encouraging trainees to engage in meaningful career exploration and experiential learning opportunities during their time at UCSF. She led the development, execution, evaluation and dissemination of the MIND and GSICE programs, and also strategically engaged with employers – both academic and non-academic – seeking to hire our talented UCSF students and postdocs. As the director of MIND and GSICE, Dr. Monsalve was responsible for the development, execution, evaluation, and institutionalization of both research programs. Her work often brought her into close collaboration with the UCSF Office for Postdoctoral Scholars and the Graduate Division.

Dr. Monsalve is herself a UCSF postdoc alumna, having completed her postdoctoral work with Dr. Keith Yamamoto from 2013-16. She earned her PhD in biological chemistry from UCLA, and her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. During her research training, she earned multiple awards, including extramural funding from the Damon Runyon Foundation, University of California Office of the President, National Science Foundation, and National Academy of Sciences Ford Foundation.

Dr. Monsalve is a tireless advocate for the advancement of underrepresented and marginalized groups in STEM, and is equally passionate in supporting and preparing postdoctoral scholars for the diversity of career choices available to them.