Personal and Practical Resources

There are numerous sources of support—both practical and personal—that postdocs can tap into at UCSF.

Campus Basics

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  • Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP): All postdocs are eligible to use the services offered by this program. FSAP is staffed by licensed professionals who provide confidential, short-term counseling and referrals. Services are free!
  • Postdoc Guide to Caring for Yourself and for Your Colleagues: Download this guide, which offers helpful tips and resources that may help you or a colleague cope with some common issues postdocs face.
  • Office of Disability Management can assist postdocs with disabilities in overcoming disability-related restrictions or limitations.
  • Ergonomics Program: Offers assessments and advice on office and laboratory ergonomics, including special ergonomic lab equipment (e.g. pipettes). Your department may be able to be partially reimbursed for some ergonomic equipment.
  • "My Family @ UCSF" Web Portal: A centralized location for parents and others to find information about child, youth, and older adult services at UCSF and in the Bay Area.
  • Accommodations for Nursing Mothers: Recognizing the importance and benefits of breastfeeding for both mothers and their infants, UCSF makes private space available for lactation purposes and will provide lactation break periods for employees who are breastfeeding. See also UCSF breastfeeding stations.
  • Office of the Ombuds: A safe, confidential place to talk about campus-related problems. The Ombuds will listen and review issues, explore options, make inquiries, and give referrals as appropriate and/or facilitate resolutions in an impartial manner. Phone: 415/502-9600.
  • UCSF Resources for Postdocs Having Difficulties with Faculty Mentors: If you encounter significant and unmanageable challenges with your PI, refer to this guide to learn of numerous resources available at UCSF to help you address the situation.

Communications and IT Services

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University Calendars

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*Many, but not all, student events on campus are also open to postdocs. You will want to read the fine print before you make plans.