Core Phase of Postdoc

Your research project is probably well underway by now. Continue to tap into your resources, and keep looking ahead to the next steps toward an independent career.

  • Check out the MIND Program to explore different career paths in a meaningful way.drawing of brain
  • If you've already decided to persue a career in academia, be sure to take the Scientific Leadership and Management Skills Course
  • No matter what career you choose, you will have to talk about your research. Entering Postdoc Slam can help you refine your communications skills, and you might even win some money! 
  • You may need to fund your postdoc position at some point; you will definitely need to fund your research someday. Check out the sessions offered in the Grant Writing Series and attend those that meet your needs.
  • The Office of Career and Professional Development should be on your speed dial by now. If you haven't participated in some of their workshops already, do it now! One-on-one career counseling is also available. 


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